The Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA) was founded in 1984 by a group of successful and enthusiastic local fashion designers. As a non-profit making and self-financed organization, it aims to unite fashion designers, with both professionalism and expertise, to develop and better both their careers and the industry within and beyond the territory.

With supports from the industry and fellow designers in the past 32 years, the Association has evolved to a key platform to share ideas and experiences through organizing fashion events such as catwalk shows, seminars, interviews and group discussions. Reputed not only as an official unit of Hong Kong fashion elites who provides excellent services with expertise, the HKFDA joins its force to promote the industry with other organizations and official bodies to become:
- Member of Hong Kong Trade Development Council Garment Advisory Committee
- Member of Hong Kong Trade Development Council Design, Marketing and Licensing Services Advisory Committee
- Member of Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations
- Founder Member and Board of Directors of Hong Kong Design Centre
and hence is recognized as one of the leading fashion institutions in the region of Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China and other cities in the South Pacific region.

Highly applauded by the public and media, the 2 most renowned and recognized annual events held by HKFDA are BEST DRESSED PERSONALITIES AWARD and THE GALA FASHION SHOW.

Special events such as the “Fashion Visionaries” 2010 in Shanghai, is one of the highlights of the Hong Kong SAR program for the World Expo 2010, Shanghai, It showcased the history, development, and influence of Hong Kong fashion industry from both commercial and academic aspect. Other than fashion pieces, exhibits include couture pieces created by art and image directors and designs for award winning movies and stars, and etc.

The success of the “Fashion Visionaries” 2010 continues in 2011 at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum from 5 November 2011 to 12 March 2012, sponsored by CreateHK, where the “Fashion Visionaries” Awards is presented, and the annual show of HKFDA is featured with signature works of over 30 Hong Kong fashion designers.

Besides dedicating its effort in the commercial sector, HKFDA continuously contributes to the academic bodies such as The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Design Institute, Caritas Bianchi College of Careers and the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.. To encourage and prepare fashion students for their entries into the industry, the Association organizes fashion seminars and interviews to equip them with appropriate knowledge, and offers design awards to outstanding students chosen by our judging panels, such as:
- The Young Talent Award
- The HKFDA Creativity Award  
Renowned both in the local and overseas industries, many of our successful and talented members have become a strong force in building and developing the fashion design industry. Their talented and professional works include designers’ collections, brand collections, brand buildings, brand and professional image consultancies, and many more.

HKFDA offers memberships solely to well-established designers with over 5 years of solid fashion design backgrounds and relevant academic qualifications. Outstanding fresh design graduates will also be invited to join the Association to form a new design force to better our industry for the future.