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Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA) was founded in 1984 by a group of successful and enthusiastic local fashion designers. As a non-profit making and self-financed organization, it aims to unite fashion designers, with both professionalism and expertise, to develop and better both their careers and the industry within and beyond the territory.

With supports from the industry and fellow designers in the past 39 years, the Association has evolved to a key platform to share ideas and experiences through organizing fashion events such as catwalk shows, seminars, interviews and group discussions. 





  • Reputed not only as an official unit of Hong Kong fashion elites who provides excellent services with expertise, the HKFDA joins its force to promote the industry with other organizations and official bodies to become:

    • Member of Hong Kong Trade Development Council Garment Advisory Committee

    • Member of Hong Kong Trade Development Council Design, Marketing and Licensing Services Advisory Committee

    • Founder Member and Board of Directors of Hong Kong Design Centre

    • Member of Fashion and Textile Training Board, Vocational Training Council

  • 協會多年來舉辦各類時裝表演活動、展覽、專業講座、設計師專訪、和研討會等,讓業界和設計師分享資訊和經驗,不但為業界擔當著交換訊息的平台角色,更是香港具領導地位的專業時裝團體之一。協會與其他主要機構和團體攜手推動設計業,其中的職務包括:

    • 香港貿易發展局時裝諮詢委員會成員

    • 香港貿易發展局設計、市場推廣及專利授權服務業咨詢委員會成員

    • 香港設計中心的創會會員及董事局成員

    • 職業訓練局時裝及紡織業委員會成員

  • HKFDA is recognized as one of the leading fashion institutions in the region of Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China and other cities in the South Pacific region. 

  • Highly applauded by the public and media, the most renowned and recognized annual events held by HKFDA are “Best Dressed Award”, “Fashion Visionaries” and "Juxtaposed" show and exhibition, and “The Young Talent Award”.

  • 與此同時,協會在中國和亞太區亦肩負推動香港時裝設計的任務,從而協助、成就本土時裝設計師在海內外的發展。

  • 其中為人津津樂道的,包括「十大傑出衣著人士選舉」(現稱十大傑出時裝視野大獎) 、「時裝.視野」「對比.時尚」展覽及匯演,及「青年設計大奬」,均為時裝界矚目盛事。

Juxtaposed 2018
  • Nurturing Young Designers

    Besides dedicating its effort in the commercial sector, HKFDA continuously contributes to the fashion academic bodies.  The HKFDA Young Talent Award and Creativity Awards are annually granted to selected winners from the prominent fashion courses, namely the School of Fashion and Textiles, PolyU HK; Hong Kong Design Institute; Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong; and Caritas Bianchi College of Careers.  These awards are selected by a panel of judges composed of professional HKFDA members. 

    By attending all the above said graduation fashion shows, where the winners of the Creativity Awards are selected on site, the judging panel also shortlist some potential candidates for the Young Talent Award interview, during which the young graduates present their portfolios to compete for the overall winner of the Young Talent Award.
    Furthermore, the HKFDA professional members would frequently share their professional experience & expertise with the young designers during various gatherings; events; as  well as one-on-one discussions organized by the HKFDA.

  • 培育時裝新秀


  • Savile Row Academy Certificate Programme 
    Organised by the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA), the Fashion Atelier Certificate Programme (FACP) is a series of practical training programmes to be conducted by international top Masters with the aim to foster and broaden the local fashion and creative industries’ awareness and skills, as well as to cultivate current and future generations of fashion creators, thereby raising the Hong Kong fashion design industry to new heights. 

  • 時裝創意行業大師證書特訓班


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