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FACP London Savile Row Academy in Hong Kong
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The Fashion Atelier Certificate Programme (FACP) 

時裝大師特訓班 (FACP) 

Mission & Vision


Refined and sophisticated technical knowhow are fundamental qualities consistently found in TOP International Fashion Brands, with much emphasis placed on finesse of cut and proportion, together with attention to high quality design details. To enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a fashion design hub, it is essential for the local fashion practitioners to be on par with the leading international design professionals and equip themselves with top of the ladder skills in cutting and craftsmanship for making high quality designs and clothing best in fit, flair and aesthetic styles. The Fashion Atelier Certificate Programme (FACP) is a series of practical training programmes to be conducted by international top Masters with the aim to foster and broaden the local fashion industry’s awareness and skills, as well as to cultivate current and future generations of fashion creators, thereby upgrading the Hong Kong Fashion Design Industry onto new heights.  


FACP Programme 2022 

Organized by the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA), with funding sponsorship from CreateHK, we debuted our very first FACP Programme: London Savile Row Academy in Hong Kong.


This Savile Row Bespoke Certificate Programme is an on-site training programme, to be delivered by an internationally renowned bespoke Master Tailor and Principal of the London Savile Row Academy, Professor Andrew Ramroop OBE, to apply his professional & world-class renowned tailoring skills to selected participants.  The training programme includes customized measurement, precise fitting techniques and pattern cutting design etc. The training Courses are divided into two individual courses to focus on Menswear and Womenswear respectively to be taught on-site to a small group of selected fashion industry practitioners.







由香港時裝設計師協會主辦,香港特別行政區政府「創意香港」資助,時裝大師特訓班(FACP) 於香港推出首個項目:倫敦Savile Row Academy 證書課程這是一個現場授課培訓課程,由國際級定制量裁大師兼 Savile Row Academy 校長Andrew M Ramroop 教授 OBE 由英國倫敦親自到港,深入教授量裁、度身、裁剪和製作技巧。

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juxtaposed 2022-juxtaverse.png

JUXTAPOSED 2022 Fashion Meta

時尚對比 2022 時裝元宇宙

Organised by the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, the Juxtaposed projects received phenomenal successes in 2017, 2018 and 2020. This year, with CreateHK of the HKSAR government, as the lead sponsor, Juxtaposed 2022 Fashion Meta led Hong Kong’s fashion scene to new heights, as part of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

Exploring possibilities between fashion and different mediums have always been at the core of the annual event that brings together contrasting elements for a chance at the new; sparking inspirations for different industries and creative talents. As technology and the ecology of the metaverse change with every passing day, the ever-morphing abnormality is the new normal in the world we live in today. And fashion – an industry so woven into the fabric of our everyday life, has seen enormous changes under the influence of virtual technology and the metaverse.

Four Exhibition Zones
High-Impact Visuals Inspiring Fashion & Imagination

From 10th to 23rd June 2022, the space at 59 Queen’s Road Central led visitors on a journey around 4 thematic exhibition zones of the “Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META”, where 70 local fashion designers across different generations and styles expressed their narratives on innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

Unique in aesthetics, these fine-crafted installations were inspired by the four major fashion capitals. Every exhibit reinterpreted the interesting contrasts between the cultural identities of these cities and the work itself. Besides tangible exhibits, a curation of virtual images was in store to guide visitors through a synchronised VR fashion experience – one that invited us to rethink how the newest technology may stimulate our creativity and shape the new identity of fashion in the 21st century by combining state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Pop-Up Shop & Hong Kong’s first NFT fashion collection

The fortnightly event also included a pop-up shop showcasing the ready-to-wear collections by participating designers. Visitors could order online at the shop to experience how the exhibition and online shopping are seamlessly merged for a whole new experience that surpassed the boundary of the exhibition. Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META also tapped into the latest encryption technology and worked with Artify to launch Hong Kong’s first fashion designer NFT collection. Awe-inspiring work by 12 designers marched into the global virtual market, seamlessly bringing together reality and virtuality.

Hong Kong's first full-service virtual fashion show

In collaboration with local innovative and high-tech production teams, the occasion adopted a state-of-the-art patented technology to host the city’s first 360-degree virtual fashion show at the exhibition venue.

Surrounded by LED screens, the guests immersed themselves between the actual exhibits and a virtual universe. The perfect fusion inspired a multi-faceted look at the creative essences of our designers and the real versus virtual possibilities of fashion.

Besides watching an unconventional fashion show within the exhibition, the audience could also participate in it. Powered by patented technology, visitors could have their virtual avatars generated in real-time to “try on” the wearable art pieces by various designers in the imaginative realm of “JuxtaVerse”. This experience did not only open the door into Hong Kong’s fashion industry; it also unlocked a mind-blowing voyage around a whole new spectrum – one that we call a fashion meta-universe.

For more details, please visit:

由香港時裝設計師協會主辦,曾先後於2017、18及20年舉行的Juxtaposed活動項目均獲得空前成功,備受各界的支持與肯定。今年協會很榮幸繼續獲得香港特別行政區政府「創意香港」(Create Hong Kong)贊助,於2022年6月再接再勵,以全新姿態呈現「Juxtaposed 2022」,並以此慶祝香港特別行政區成立25周年。



四大主題展區 以視覺衝擊時裝想像

Juxtaposed 2022以「FASHION META」為題,邀請70位不同世代、不同風格的香港時裝設計師參與活動,於2022年6月10日至23日,假中環皇后大道中59號,呈獻「Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META」。當日展出各位時裝設計師以創新意念與傳統工藝交織而成的實體作品,讓公眾透過現場四個不同主題展區,近距離欣賞不同風格的時裝質感。當中的裝置意念分別源於四大時裝重鎮,藉著不同文化色彩與視覺衝擊,與展品互相對比,映襯出每件時裝作品的獨特風格、精細工藝,同時透過虛擬影像,帶領參觀者神遊於虛擬國度,達至現實與虛擬同步的時裝體驗,並刺激大家思考日新月異的先進科技,如何刺激創意,又如何結合傳統時裝工藝,呈現廿一世紀獨有的時裝風景。

期間限定實體店 及首個香港時裝設計師NFT系列

為期兩周的時裝展覽還設有期間限定店,展示設計師日常系列產品,延續時裝展覽與網上購物雙結合的即時網上訂購服務,讓參與者在環遊四大展區之後,回到現實感受時裝的真實質感。而在展場之外,Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META更大步踏進加密時代,與Artify平台合作,發表首個香港時裝設計師NFT系列,將12位設計師的作品引進全球化虛擬市場,推動時裝界數碼轉型,進一步實踐真實與虛擬互動,線上、線下無縫連接的時裝生活。



juxtaposed 2022-HK.png
juxtaposed 2022-Paris.png
juxtaposed 2022-Seoul.png
juxtaposed 2022-Shanghai.png

HKFDA x Tencel™ Luxe

HKFDA x Tencel™ Luxe 

For 80 years, the Austria-based Lenzing Group has been committed to producing sustainable fibres and textiles, reinventing raw materials widely used in both the fashion and home textiles industries. Lenzing Group’s TENCEL™ Luxe product line defined a new standard of luxury texture, form and color vibrancy.

Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association collaborated with the Lenzing Group and invited 10 Hong Kong fashion designers to create unique showpieces using inventive, sustainable fabrics from Lenzing Group’s TENCEL™ Luxe product line. The 10 fashion designers included Walter Ma, Henry Lau, Arto Wong, Charlotte Ng, Shirley Wong, Singchin Lo, Kenny Li, Janko Lam, Isaac Yuen and Lu Lu Cheung.

The full collection was showcased at HKTDC's CENTRESTAGE from 9 to 11 September 2022. Apart from the fashion collection, a virtual catwalk was displayed at the booth to show the animated effects of Tencel™ Luxe fabrics.

View the virtual catwalk

來自奧地利的蘭精纖維The Lenzing Group 創立80多年來,一直致力以創新科技研發環保纖維,成為紡織業界及品牌廣泛應用於時裝或家品織物的原料。旗下之Tencel™ Luxe 產品系列,擁有奢華的質感、色調與形態。香港時裝設計師協會 HKFDA 聯乘 Lenzing Group邀請了十位設計師,以Tencel™ Luxe 製作的布料進行不同演繹,展現其多變與華美質感,為可持續發展與高級時裝注入新動力。十位設計師,包括 Walter Ma、 Henry Lau、Arto Wong、Charlotte Ng、Shirley Wong、Singchin Lo、Kenny Li、Janko Lam、Isaac Yuen 及 Lu Lu Cheung。

整個系列於2022年9月9至11日假灣仔會展HKTDC CENTRESTAGE展出。除服裝系列外,場內更播放虛擬時裝滙演,動態展示Tencel™ Luxe布料的效果。


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