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Janet Cheung

Janet Cheung

Janet Cheung had pursued her studies in Fashion Design and Garment Techniques in the renowned “ESMOD” (l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode) in Paris. After which, she had started her career as a fashion designer in London for five years, where she had gained invaluable experience working for the U.K. fashion wholesalers/manufacturers. Since then, Janet had returned to Hong Kong where she continued her fashion design career working for several leading international and overseas garment wholesale/buying offices.

For 6 years, Janet was also a full time Senior Lecturer for the Fashion Design Discipline of the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic (now HK PolyU), as a direct result from her previous 2 years of part-time teaching, totaling 9 years of her Academic Career. Since 1989, Janet started her own fashion design and consultancy services, which provides fashion and uniform consultancy services to the local and overseas organizations.

Apart from being Vice Chairman to the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, she is also members of many other official organizations, such as serving as Advisory Board members and External Examiner to the Fashion Design Courses for the major academic organizations in Hong Kong, namely the Institute of School of Fashion and Textiles of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; IVE; Department of Fashion and Image Design of HKDI; as well as the Caritas Bianchi College of Careers’ Faculty of Design. In addition, she also serves as Advisory Board members for the HKTDC; CITA; AGF etc., as well as panel members for various Assessment/Vetting Committees of the various Government funded &/or renowned Programmes & Design Competitions in Hong Kong & China.

Refined aesthetic sense combined with sophisticated technical knowhow is key elements demonstrated in Janet’s designs.

Contemporary and stylish yet practical clothes of clean, strong lines with much emphasis placed on finesse of cut and proportion, together with attention to details are fundamental qualities consistently found in her design collections.

Janet Cheung 張啓秀早年遠赴法國巴黎求學,於著名的“ESMOD”( l'EcoleSupérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode)就讀時裝設計及裁剪課程。畢業後即前往英國倫敦開始了她的時裝設計師 生涯,五年浸淫於英國的時裝行業內,之後又輾轉於不同的國際市場如美、加等地,從事專業設計及 顧問工作,汲取了寶貴的設計心得及經驗後,她回到了香港,曾於香港理工學院(現理大)的設計系擔任全職時裝設計高級講師(連同先前的兼職講師,任職共達 9 年之久)。 1989 年張啓秀成立了她的設計顧問服務公司, 專門提供時裝及製服設計和其他成衣製作的專業技術顧問服務於本土及海外國際公司, 同時更時常擔任東南亞及國內很多大型酒店的製服設計顧問。

除了身爲香港時裝設計師協會之委員及現屆副主席外, 她更於百忙中 從事及擔任不同時裝及設計行業各種有關的 (官方及半官方) 設計機構的諮詢委員會等義務委員職務等公職, 如:- 香港貿易發展局; 香港商務及經濟發展局時裝業諮詢委員會; 香港製衣業訓練局委員會等等之成員.

與此同時, 她並從事及擔任不同時裝設計教育機構學系諮詢委員會成員, 如香港理工大學紡織及服裝學系;香港知專設計學院時裝及形象設計學系;明愛白英奇專業學校之設計系等等, 以保存她對教育及學術之貢獻及熱忱之心。

經過許多年之經驗, 張啓秀之設計心得及強項是在於除了對設計美學及比例有極高敏感之判斷外, 她同時亦十分注意及標榜優秀之裁剪及縫製技術的配合, 以達到最終之精煉設計效果。

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